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    Main Rules

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    Hello Everyone
    Like anyplace else , there must be rules in order to adjust this academy from problems and spammers etc.
    Rules are very simple , and to make it easier I'm going to divide them into parts at this topic.

    That's why I hope that all of you guys are going to read it very carefully in order to avoid the problems with other members here.

    Sections Rules
    1- Spamming is forbidden (Posting in an inactive topic , double posting etc. all of these are considered  )
    2- Posting a topic or a reply which contains violence words isn't allowed
    3- Posting an illegal or sexual pics isn't allowed
    4- Posting topics in the inappropriate section isn't allowed
    5- All Topics must be related to Yu-Gi-Oh and it's rules and rulings etc.

    Signature Rules
    1- Your signature must consider just 2 lines with the pic , but if you've a lot to say like saying your achievements put the lines in a spoiler
    2- The image you are going to put in your signature must be in a selected dimensions , and these dimensions is : 
    Width : 600 PX 
    Height : 550 PX 

    General Chat Rules
    1- Spam isn't allowed (As I said earlier) 
    2- Putting pics in the chat isn't allowed ( but you can put pics' link ) 
    3- Harming others and insulting them isn't allowed
    4- The Admins , Chat Mods Have the permissions to clear the chat or ban anyone else who has bucked the rules

    Dorms System
    In this forum we are using an improved dorm system in order to put the right duellist in the right place that he deserves to be.
    we are trying to be like the anime , so once you register in this forum you'll be in Slifer Red
    Then you can make your level higher by wining tournamnets and arena duels 
    by doing this , you are increasing your DP .
    Each dorm has a selected amount of DP in order to join it. 
    For exampe , The selected amount of DP for being RA is 500 .. After I dueled alot and won a lot of tournamnets amd got 500 DP or even more than this I can put an offer in the right section in this category in order to rank-up my level. 
    I don't want to deviate more .. the sample (selected DP for each dorm) must be like this : 
    Obeisk Blue : 5000 DP 
    RA Yellow : 1000 DP 
    Slifer : 0 Post , 0 DP : Auto Slifer.

    Points System
    As I said earlier , Points system simply is a place in each user profile (DP) . 
    It's function : It selects your level by putting you in the right dorm once you reach a selected amount of DP
    It's profit : It keen that every user will be put in the right dorm according to his level

    Special Rules
    1- You are supposed to respect mods and admins's decisions , if you've any complaint you can PM an admin
    2- The main language here is English , so you must speak English

    Punishment System
    In order to keep this place free from problems we are using a system which can organize this place from those guys who always break the rules and making problems by giving them alerts or banning them if it was necessary

    Spamming = Make the user (DP) 0. and giving him\her an alert 
    and if he did that again = We are going to ban him for 2 weeks 

    Insulting other members here = We are going to ban him for 1 month
    and if he did that again = we are going to ban him forever

    Laughing on others and trolling them = We are going to give him an alert + costing the whole (DP) he has
    and if he did that again = we are going to ban him for 1 week

    Tournaments System And Rules
    As a Yu-Gi-Oh academy we've to creat some Tournaments , In faceat this academy there is a selected names for each tour , and in this part we are going to explain them

    1st : Old School Tournament
    In this tour , we've to use anime cards and the classic cards
    and we can't use Pendulum , Xyz , Synchro cards
    we can just use Fusion cards from the extra deck

    2nd : Ban List Tournament
    In this tour , we've a selected ban list ( in each version)
    for example , Ban List Tournament V.1 : we are using april 2013 tcg ban list etc..

    3rd : The Opened  Tour
    In this tour , we've the right to use any cards without any ban list (that means there will be no limited cards , no banned , no semi limited etc..)
    We also can use anime cards 

    Note : The Organizer of the tour can make a special rules like making a ban list or banning some decks etc..

    Arena System
    We've a various types of arena here , and I'm going to explain them in this part, they are not complicated Very Happy

    Battle Arena! 
    This type is the most competitive in the forum , if you won the duel against your opponent you are going to get more (DP)
    Duel Rules : 
    - TCG-OCG 2014 April (Konami Ban List) 
    - Duel Type : Match 
    - Cards To Draw Per Turn : 1 card
    - Started LP : 8000 
    - Used Games : YGOPro Percy , DevPro , Dueling Network 
    Prizes : 50 DP + 5 Arena Power 

    KC Arena! 
    we put this type in order to make the duel funnier , we are trying to be like Yu-Gi-OH DM S.2 by creating this type (I'm going to explain .. just keep reading) 
    Duel Rules : 
    - Yu-Gi-Oh DM S.2+S.3+S.4+.S.5 cards
    - Pendulum , Synchro and Xyz are forbidden
    - Duel Type : Single 
    - Cards To Draw Per Turn : 1 Card 
    - Started LP : 4000 
    - Used Games : YGOPro Percy (Only) 
    Prizes : 5 DP

    Shadow Arena

    Made By : SK

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    Re: Main Rules

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